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My professional career journey to seek and enrich across diverse companies, verticals and disciplines.

August 27, 2019
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Legends call it connecting the dots. Some greats call it reinterpretation. In my case, I wanted to seek, customize and build rich and diverse experiences in my professional career.

Unpacking My Experience


  • Large Enterprise (Visa, Dell)
  • Medium Enterprise (The Advisory Board Company)
  • Startup (WigWag, now ARM)


  • Enterprise Hardware/Software
  • Health Care Tech
  • IOT Smart Home
  • FinTech Payments


  • UI/Front-End Engineering & Design
  • Full Stack Engineering
  • Mobile App Development
  • API/Back-End Engineering
  • Test Engineering
  • Automation

My Journey

I started my career as a (Functional) Test Engineer at Dell, Inc.

I learnt about testing enterprise hardware. I was able to put together a server by loading the motherboard with custom CPU with heat sink, RAM, disk storage, fans etc. We ran different types of functional and performance tests. I learnt to manually test the systems management API and UI.

I started automating the tests with python scripts.

This phase was my first step to improvise my testing knowledge and getting a step closer to development engineering. After all, I did have a MS in CS degree, liked building things and was not satisfied with the status quo.

Dev Engineering Official!

My entry into development engineering came at Dell Inc in building Enterprise Systems Management Software for Dell’s servers. I was writing C, C++ in a Linux dev environment for an embedded OS delivered as firmware. It was to manage Dell’s Remote Access Controllers aka. DRACs!!!

Upstream UI Dreams

I wanted to move further upstream. This is due to in parts loving art, design and skills to back it with a classical engineering background, as well as wanting to not be put in a box in the corner. I needed to interact. I wanted to understand product. The work and network landed me a spot in Dell’s Experience Design Group. I built UI and started building semblances of a UI framework to unify experiences in knockoutjs. Anyone remember that? This was also the period of HTML5 and CSS3.

To Be Continued…

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