( Books ) Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert.

Notes, thoughts and takeaways on this famous travel memoir.

July 19, 2019
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I had fun reading (listening to) it. It provided an experience, worth the time.

Motivation to pick this one up…

I just returned from a big family trip down-under; yes, to Australia. I was looking for a travel-memoir type of book to stay in that travelers mental-state-mode. The bliss or high from travel was quite heavy from a long-epic-trip. Travel is one of my top interests in life.

The book and the ensuing movie were famous. Although it was released a while ago, it was relevant for my need.

< spoilers ahead >

I liked…

It navigated me across 3 countries, 2 of which I am familiar with in Italy and India. It brought back personal memories from those places.

I grew up in Chennai, from the southern part of India. I could relate to some of her cultural experiences.

I’ve been to Italy twice and love that country. Her experience with food and language, transported me to my personal experiences, in different stages of life.

It exposed me to bucket list items in Bali and Indonesia. It helped me understand the geography, history and culture from that part of the world. The book provided a sampler to what could be expected in visiting that country.

I question…

Many times during the read, it sounded fictional. The various pieces seemed crafted in isolation and cleverly stitched together. It seemed inauthentic. The hedonistic heft was a bit much at times. The tone of “I am not that good, but everyone around believes I am awesome” was repugnant. In the author’s defense, she does admit to some of these towards the end.

Yes, I recommend this book!

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